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euro / yen to know whether they will suffer or not

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Further analysis of the blogosphere that this time focuses attention on the part of the foreign exchange market and one of the stars of this summer currencies: the yen. Analysts give us their views on the euro / yen to know whether they will suffer the mortgage in yen and Japan if the government eventually will be forced to intervene to halt the rise of its currency.

This is the view of analysts:

  • Ramon Ceresuela (The Stock Exchange from the Pyrenees): IBERDROLA RENEWABLES back side
  • Javier Alfayate (Stock Exchange): The biweekly analysis of the blogosphere: Yen
  • Javier Esteban (Options and Futures): Analysis of the Blogosphere I: EUR / JPY
  • Antonio Rodriguez (The quintessential bag): Technical Analysis of the Euro / Yen. The ordeal continues multicurrency mortgage