G8 meetings

The discussions between the Heads of State and Government held in private and confidential, in an informal setting, their content is not made public. The same applies for ministerial meetings and meetings of working bodies of the G8. At the same time, the G8 is designed to ensure transparency of its work and to strengthen the dialogue with public organizations and non-governmental organizations.

The functions of the G8 is based on the principle of consent. Usually, as a result of the summits or ministerial meetings, will take joint documents that are distributed through the media. For international events of particular importance, the statements by the G8 leaders or ministers have agreed without taking personal meetings.
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Role and functions of the BoE in terms of financial stability

The Bank of Inghilterr to have played a key role in maintaining the stability of the financial system of the United Kingdom for over 300 years and it is liked to other countries so that now this is a core function of most central banks. A stable and healthy financial system is important in itself, as well as vital for the efficient conduct of monetary policy.

Since 1997, the Bank of England has been responsible for the stability of the financial system as a whole, while the Financial Services Authority, whose acronym is FSA, supervises banks and other financial institutions, as well as on financial exchanges that are made to the London Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange.
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About Rights

We know very little about life, and therefore tend only guess … And guess might be different … Take the same genes – in fact they recorded virtually all information about a person – from what it would be before he gets in his old age … Moreover, – Mind and other garbage – that, too – without any evidence. After all, man can not control almost anything from your body – NOTHING. Starting from the simplest – such as give orders to speed up hair growth or increase the rate of digestion and finishing order of the body, for example – to grow a leg to replace the lost … NOTHING. The body lives by its own laws – itself supplies the air, require and digesting food (Producing it with nutrients), fights with microbes, heals wounds, toxins, etc.
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Forex World

Hi Friends,

People who first heard or read the word Forex, will be the classic question: Can you explain in a comprehensible (non-technical) What is the blessed Forex.

Well, for those readers who are just starting in the world of currency is this article. I hope you enjoy it.
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