Technical Analysis EUR- CHF 2012

A t last December, we wrote “when a vendor at the landfill, it is true that the Swiss National Bank to ensure that parity does not pass under 1.20. Because of this and as long as we stay in- above 1.20 with stoploss around 1945, should continue to play the top of the range to 2450. However, one day it will crack in one direction or another and you must also prepare, hence the stoploss. “Finally, parity remained wisely between 1.20 and 2450 continuing its range since September 2011.

Adviser at the beginning of the year?
Can be simply to continue to play the given points, until it cracks.
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We introduce the platform Metatrader 4

Meta Trader 4, also known by its acronym MT4, is now a very popular trading platform, the most famous online trading platform. The majority of brokers now use the MT4 platform, even pushing users to trade with this platform, offering significantly lower spreads. The p iattaforma MT4 trading is also perfect to trade from your mobile device, since the mobile version is compatible with all next-generation phones, including BlackBerry and iPhone.

To start, the MT4 platform is completely free to download and use. The MT4 platform is supported by a community enormous, regularly answering questions on their forum. Set up a demo account can be done in less than 5 minutes.

The first thing to note is that MT4 is probably the best platform for viewing the forex charts. The default view, you see 4 currency pairs in real time, but you can also easily view different currency pairs. Graphs can be displayed with the timing of one minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.
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Forex, the importance of price action, Part 2

We saw in the last article that one of the advantages to forex price action with is to be able to focus on prices. Most systems based on indicators contains so many details and so many variables to control demands that often can barely see the trend of the price. Indeed, if we consider that the man can concentrate on only one or two things at once you understand how to evaluate both the indicators and the price can be a difficult thing. Those who do forex price action, and practice on what really matters, namely the price and its rapid behavioral changes, can adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
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Forex, the importance of price action

We see in this article are some reasons why every trader should consider forex trading according to the price action as an integral part of the range of trading instruments.

First, we can say that the price action provides the data more closely related to the trading representative in real time. When does the following forex price action leads to a series of interesting information about markets, not filtered through mathematical calculations that characterize the often ambiguous indicators. Often the action is less vulnerable to price volatility due to fundamental news. Most systems based on indicators creates great confusion in terms of volatility when they are released reports of fundamental analysis, with the risk that you may create unreliable signals. With specific training on the price action could also exploit news events to be able to collect large profits.
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Technical analysis of forex market Oct 25,2011

Discussions continued yesterday in Brussels and parity remained in the range between 3820 and 3940. Normally, the market should remain stable until tomorrow days of the submission of a plan to end the Crisis. Our board of the morning to the moment we will keep the same reference as yesterday, namely, sell the high points of 1.39/3920/40 with stoploss in 3955/60 to 3880/50/20 and we buys the same points with stoploss of 3795. In terms of technical indicators, MACD is bearish 30 mins this morning as yesterday which refers parity under 1.39.
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The 5 most useful economic data

Currencies do not become weaker or stronger than randomly. Much of the value of a currency is based on confidence in the economic strength of the country of reference. Economic strength is judged according to some key indicators that are closely watched by those who work in the forex. When these economic indicators undergo a change, the value of a currency will fluctuate. A coin is also represented by the economic health of that country.

The press have become the key market movers are increasingly important. Focusing on the impact that economic values ​​have, we can understand it could move in the direction of a foreign currency. In the forex market there are 5 indicators that are most watched for their potential to generate trading volumes and prices move in the market.
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Knowing the volatility of the forex indicators, Part 2

There are basically two ways to interpret the volatilities of the market. According to the first mode, the peak point of the market is followed by an increase of the variation, while the positions are followed by a decrease in the variation. The second method is to Chaikin. According to this method, the uptrend of the market is introduced through the stability for a long period of time, the volatility. What are the ways to measure the volatility of the forex market?

One of the methods used by the indicators of volatility is to analyze the rise and fall of market prices on a daily basis. Usually because the pace of price spikes is slower and is represented by the narrowing of the same price range.

For those working in the market, it is recommended to use the analysis of trends and indicators together with indicators for forex volatility of accurate data.
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Knowing the volatility of the forex indicators

Each step one takes in trading on the forex market involves some logical reasons for presenting some help in choosing its own trading operations. There are some tools and software tools that provide interesting signals to use, they are commonly known as indicators.

We know that the forex market is volatile and needs to be watched carefully. In order to do this as smoothly as possible you can use some special markers, known as indicators of volatility. What these indicators allow us to know is the size of volatility and its impact on the price of currencies.
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The 4 most common mistakes in the use of Fibonacci retracements

The Fibonacci retracements are one of the most used tools, so much so that there may be indicators that a trader does not get to ever use, but surely at some point use Fibonacci retracements. It is therefore very important that when use is made correctly, but is used rarely.

Already there is much documentation on the use of Fibonacci what this article I will focus on how not to use hoping that knowing the errors discussed, the reader-trader is able to avoid them and improve the use of Fibonacci retracements.
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Technical indicators, some mistakes to avoid

Many c ommercianti forex use technical indicators to get some help in making trading decisions, on the whole are very effective tools. However, there are a couple of mistakes which many forex traders do, we see how to avoid them.

The first error is that many traders simply use too many indicators. This is a very common mistake and comes from the fact that many people believe that more indicators are used and may have more success because it will generate better trading signals.

This seems like a good plan, but unfortunately the end result is that too many indicators merely create confusion. More indicators are used, the greater the likelihood that some of them give conflicting signals. Therefore, rather than to confirm potential trends give rise to doubts.
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