How To Get Success In The Long Term Trading

We are all human, if we think we can do something in half the time with the same results, we do so without discussion or even a minute. The same applies to the financial market. If someone were to say that there is a shortcut that guarantees us the path to success, most of us would take it without thinking.

There are a thousand and one theories about what is the best way to make a profit in the financial market. In fact, each day there trying new training courses on new methods. But what is the real secret? What is the shortcut that will allow us to make a profit with minimal effort?

The importance of self-educated
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Forex trading:Earn more with less investment

Negotiating with margins also called on the exchange, futures trading, but given the special nature of the currencies, you can have better margins with the Forex market. Depending on the terms of your broker, you can control 50, 100 or even 200 times your account balance.

This can yield big profits if it succeeds, but it can also lead to large losses if it fails. In general, the more advantage you use more risky market is trading.

We can understand this if we consider an example.
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Time to change the game


Once upon a time a football match in which the goals were not equal. The T had to defend a goal of 10 meters, while the B team’s goal only measuring 1 meter. It is not difficult to imagine the result, nor what the computer that receives almost all the goals.

If the rules are not just the result is written in advance. Something similar is happening today in this struggle between banks and workers. The competition rules are rigged for one team.
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Lots in Forex Market

In the foreign exchange market operations can be of different sizes, so we can say that there are different lots according to size of each transaction.

The classification would be:

Lots Standard: The standard lots is 100,000 units of base currency, ie the amount of money needed to open a standard operation varies according to leverage.
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