The Fundamental analysis is a forex strategy

A fundamental analyst is not limited to those movements that relate to a particular investment from him, but would so a general overview to say about the events, past, present, and future, get to make the area the most profitable investment opportunity identified to. Within the fundamental analysis, the analyst employs so with all the information available to him, but focuses within this wealth of information on key factors, which may attract a development within the financial movements after themselves.
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Forex Scalping Methods

Forex scalping is one of the methods used to make trading in the currency market. Making Forex scalping is one thing you do in the short term, with which they take relatively small profits. Since the time during which the position is exposed to market is short, the profits, which are small, they are taken more often. Therefore there is less chance of having to deal with market events that may cause the price trend contrary to our expectations.

Do forex scalping is different from other methods of forex trading, but with whom you can have bigger profits but also to risk more money. When scalping a trader prefer to have the foreign exchange market, he looks for a big gain in a single location, rather than many small gains, but often. In the long run this leads to significant gain without risk or without the insecurities that are involved in large currency movements.
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The situation in the euro area

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said last week that the euro is doing “very well” and that its appreciation will not harm the economic growth of countries in the zona.Il Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker said the same What on 2 May, adding that currency appreciation is not worrying. ”

After the fall of the Greek titles in recent weeks, the ‘euro also rose to 1.4940 against the dollar share, on 4 May, the strongest since December 2009, before falling. European leaders now see as probable a vote of confidence in order to contain the debt crisis in the region. From their point of view, the fact that business confidence in Germany and France is strong evidence that these companies are able to resist currency appreciation.
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Analysis of the Currency on December 30


For today’s trading session for this report currency we may consider opening a new location in buying if the exchange rate between euro and dollar were to break the resistance of 1.3280 on the upside, first setting a target share 1.3300 and how to share 1.3320 second goal. If the price of this exchange ratio would fall below the break of 1.3080 share, we could open a new short position by setting a first target 1.3060 share and 1.3050 share as a second goal.
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Zulutrade, cross-platform analysis of this famous “profitable or not?

Zulutrade provides a myriad of automated systems for immediate use from your fabulous web interface, a great idea and big business led to the reality, but is advantageous for the average investor?

If you read the post about the five most common errors in the use of automated systems , you realize that the use of Delos unknown robots know how they work internally Queno carries a great risk to themselves. Many of my clients have made this mistake with the use of a single automated system that bought online and lost thousands of euros. Imagine what can happen with a stock of hundreds of automatic glittering statistics.
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Trade The Non-Farm Payroll (NFP)

The non-farm payroll (NFP) is the report of the total U.S. salaried trabajodores excluding agricultural jobs for government workers, workers in nonprofit organizations and private household workers. The NFP, in Spanish something like nonfarm eg employment is a key economic indicator for the U.S..

The publication of NFP causes very large movements in the forex market, the broader movements produced by the publication of news. That is why many analysts, investors, speculators and investment funds try to anticipate the outcome of the NFP and the movement caused. Due to this great expectation for the publication of this economic indicator , the market may react with large movements even when there is deviation between the prognosis and outcome of the NFP.
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Letter from a Greek worker Marfin Bank


Marfin bank was hit yesterday by throwing Molotov cocktails that caused the suffocation death of three workers. Their deaths are being used politically by the government of Athens and criminal capitalism. Here is the letter, written yesterday by one of his companions, which gather the most relevant. There they will find the real culprits.
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Do you think I do not know how to dream?

Clearly mistaken if you think so That’s just introduced a trader who correctly and consistently correctly predicts movements in the market, just listening to your inner voice, spends on trading for 3-5 minutes per day, only to close a deal and go to another.

Imagine that a person gets into that situation, which is called – financial independence. But what the hell the financial independence, the trader becomes a rich, very rich, predicting all the movements in the market you’ll be the richest man in the world, for example, do not let us, but just going to take the market as long as necessary to any imaginary expenses: personal beach on the ocean, Bentley, Villa, Usher, etc
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VIVA LA Fights for workers

At present moment our priority is to promote the struggle and solidarity of so-called informal miners, unions in conflict regional movements, Amazonian struggles in order to achieve their most heartfelt claimed responsibility.

Our support for the union of police, while facing corruption of their institution, fought for the release of their detainees, against the violators of human rights. When faced with organized crime, drug trafficking. Fight for better living conditions for themselves and their families.
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