Technical analysis and forex forecasts GBP-USD for the week of March 26 to 30

The last week has, we wrote “The rest has parity in its ranks began on January 25 with support points on 5680/70 and 5620/30 for 5880 and higher to 5920” and as on the Eurodollar, we consolidated slightly upward to test this weekend high points of 1.59 and finally end the week on 5867.

The good performance of the parity allowed the daily MACD bullish and ironing under these conditions it is hoped that sterling reparte upward to finally emerge from the consolidation that we have known since early this year. Obviously, we have to be careful because this daily signal is currently well under 1.59 wheezing may also be a trap for buyers. Nevertheless, we must follow the trend in daily.
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Using moving averages to make forex

After determination of the moving average optimal to use in Forex, we can use the median line as a line of support for a long position, or as a line of resistance for a short position. Violations of this line can also be used as a signal that a coin is in phase reversal, in the case in which a trader wishes to open a position against the actual evolution of the trend or development of the new input levels for a position.

For example, if it is determined that the moving average at 30 days was shown to be a good support for a given currency pair, which is located in an upward trend, when the market were to close in correspondence of this line of support or even to below, then we can get the signal that this trend may be over. However, it is important to wait for confirmation of these signals. One way to do this is to wait a certain period of time below the level of support. If the trend continues to fall, then you can enter the market.
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Technical analysis and forex forecasts GBP-USD for the week of March 12 to 16

The last week has, we wrote “we buy over 578,070 and it sells below to return to 5720/5670” and as the Eurodollar, we were treated to a roller coaster with a week in early 5720 for a higher on 5820/30 and end the week with good numbers that brought US parity on the lower ranks 4h namely, on 5720/5680 for closure by 5678.

The history of Greece for the time being stored in the closet, financial markets should breathe a bit and parity as well. However, the remaining articles in the press about a possible confrontation between Israel and Iran as well as good economic figures that support the dollar against the Pound Sterling.
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USD-CHF forex analysis for the week of Feb 27 to March 2,2012

T he last week, we wrote, “a passage under 0.9080 would then signal a beginning of a downward trend with larger first primary objective zone 8980 and 0.9020 then 0.8620 then with an extension” and USD-CHF has not managed to hold above 0.91. He then dived 0.90 to come on Friday night and ended on 0.8958.

The good news from Europe and US least favorable statistics have weighed heavily on the dollar last week. Then the long awaited release, between private creditors and the Greek government, has tilted the balance in 0.91 and the downward trend resumed its way.
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The GBP / USD corrected upward New

The currency pair GBP / USD yesterday reported a significant momentum bullish on the area of breaking resistance and reaching 1.5550 1.5699. This makes my intraday bearish forecast has failed and so I switched to short-term upside towards 1.5778 – 1.5800 and the trendline whose reference level can be located now around 1.5900.

A medioi within my forecast for GBP / USD is neutral even while the price remains under the resistance which represents the trend line will be in bearish mode medium-long term, so bear that began with the fall of the wire from 1.6616 in in August.
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Scalping Techniques

Scalping is a trading technique that involves the opening of a position and its closure within a short period of time, with the intention to speculate that the price will move slightly in favor of your position, in order to have a small profit.

Typically, the scalper is able to open a large number of positions and it is not uncommon even come to take over 100 transactions a week.

Most traders who try to make scalping the forex market, however, can not succeed. This happens because to do when you are not scalping the currency market experts, leads to losing money. Assume that one wants to earn 10 pips scalpers speculating on the movement of the exchange rate GBP / USD. Usually, with most of the brokers, the spread of this currency pair is 3 or 4 pips. Also, set a stop loss at 10 pips, as is the take profit at 10 pips.
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The EUR / USD starts weak week New

At the end of last week the currency pair EUR / USD tried to climb and reached 1.3613 ( resistance of 23.6% Fibonacci retracements of movement 1.4246 – 1.3420). This resistance has rejected a further upward pressure and the pair finally closed the week lower, at 1.3522.
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The euro recovered ground but still remains under the resistance

Yesterday the currency pair EUR / USD corrected upwards after breaking the resistance 1.3240 1.3361 key resistance but remains intact. In the short term outlook is bullish but still prefer the bearish scenario seeing the rise registered as a normal correction after the large fall. However, a clear break and daily close above 1.3361 could push larger increases, probably around the 1.3520 area.
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The euro-dollar currency pair

In this article we are going to see an overview of the main factors that influence the currency pair, ie the euro-dollar, commonly referred to as EUR / USD.

The euro-dollar currency pair on the relationship of these two currencies, which are exchanged over the world. Regardless of geographical origin, an increase in world demand for euros leads to an appreciation of the euro itself. What are the factors that affect exchange rates?

Four factors are identified as fundamental determinants and relative influence of the exchange rate:

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Summary currencies April 16

Let’s see how currencies behaved during the week just ended. With regard to our currency, there is still fear related to sovereign debt, especially after Moody’s downgraded the rating further in Ireland, to Baa3 from Baa1.

The change in the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar has performed substantially side, with support at 1.4415 and a resistance of approximately around the value of 1.4515. For next week we could keep an eye on these two important values, both to operate in a breakout break to work on retracements.

The exchange rate between sterling and U.S. dollar, we saw that the pound has lost much ground in the opening week and the middle of the same, so as to fall below the value of 1.6245. Towards the end of this week then the exchange ratio began to rise again, indicating that in any case, the situation in the United Kingdom is not so bad, closing at an altitude of around 1.6300.
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