Technical analysis of forex market – Jan 20

The euro has crossed 1.35 yesterday but we could not hold these levels and we are back on 3420 as our stand this morning. The MACD has just 30 mins send us a sell signal and the MACD is bearish 4h. Nevertheless, and as we stay in- above 3420, may return to parity 3480. Our board this morning, this afternoon noon, we expect a statistic that could be favorable U.S. dollar.
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Technical analysis of forex market jan 13

Our objectives were yesterday on 3080 and 3120 and we are going through a MACD bullish 4h and 30 minutes. Normally this is expected to continue and a target of 1.32 see 3250 could be reached before Friday night. Nevertheless, today we will focus on the ECB meeting and the speeches of Mr Trichet and especially the issuance of Spain today. As for Portugal, it should not be a problem.
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Results of the year in the financial markets

Ends in 2010, it’s time to take stock. While it is certainly potorguem, like other speculators, but purposeful movements to wait in the past year no longer worth it. The year was difficult, if taken to its very beginning, we can not uniquely determine the so-called trend in 2010, I am writing based on the story quotes the euro / dollar.

However, technically, we got some background to a reduction in the new year. First, we ascertain after the fact – in 2010 closes without explicit downward trend, but with a reduction. It is very important because it can serve as the beginning of a trend in the super 5-10 years ahead. Everything started with the beginning of the crisis, I remind you that summer of 2008, from that moment on the markets began to show high volatility, but as it turned out we got further into the cycle without apparent global trend. This is indeed the case, analyze the past 2 years on the euro / dollar and make sure about some kind of trend can not speak. Then down, then up and talk about what fletovaya situation is completed – it is impossible. Although Fleta already long enough, I do not presume to speak on the term of completion of Fleta.
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Currencies summary

The week has just ended in the FX market has seen some interesting data emerge. First, the markets are very focused on Ireland, which has requested financial assistance to avoid going into default. Then there was the speech data in the field work of the United States, which were published during the day yesterday and have seen the data significantly worse than expected.

The exchange rate between euro and dollar as the greenback earn up to half of the week, only to lose ground while awaiting the unemployment figures for November increased 9.8% from 9.6% and closed at an altitude of around 1.3400. Next week we might see a further increase in the value of our currency against the dollar, although surely the euro remains weak due to the concerns of other countries in the area, such as Portugal, Spain and Italy.
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Currencies summary

We’re going to see how far the major currency pairs have moved during the week just ended, even going to provide a kind of performance possible for the next week of trading. Certainly worth noting the request for aid from Ireland, which helps to lose ground to the euro, as investors prefer to go to something more stable.

As for the euro-dollar cross currency, in fact, we see that our currency has steadily lost ground against the dollar this week. About 600 pips were lost in one week, with the fear that the contagion may spread also to Portugal and Spain. For next week we can still expect a trend in favor of U.S. currency, unless strong assurances on the situation in these two countries.
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The best pound for dollar and euro

In the last article we began to see the current situation of the British pound. In addition to those already considered, another argument in favor of the pound is the fact that inflation is still very high in the United Kingdom. After three consecutive months of stagnant inflation, the rate is once again on the rise, reaching 3.2 per cent share in the month of October.

This means that the chances that the Bank of England put up another round of quantitative easing is increasingly unlikely. With inflation at these levels just six weeks before the jump of 2.50 percent VAT, a rise in interest rates in the United Kingdom must be almost certain.
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Diversify your portfolio

Having a well-diversified portfolio is more essential than ever in the Forex , especially if you decide to work long term. Even the major brokers have made big mistakes (other than money and lost) only because he made the mistake of failing to properly diversified portfolio.

This problem can be solved based on two considerations, which concern the relationship between currencies and the relationship between the strategies adopted.

In the first case it is right to relate two or more currencies to calculate a kind of reliability of the currencies in the future. This method is recommended, however, little in the short term, because the social and political news, which occur every day, can influence the historical relations that in the long run, would surely be more reliable.
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Using fundamental analysis to trade part 1

While the ‘technical analysis is essential to making Forex trading, particularly for the identification of points of entry and exit of those, is insufficient if you wanted to create a complete trading plan. The feeling of the forex market is mainly driven by economic and geopolitical news of the day. The main players in the currency market are multinational corporations, central banks, hedge funds that invest several billion dollars and major investment banks.

All these actors are preparing for their trades by analyzing the news of the latest economic and geopolitical developments, as well as the latest statements by the G-7 and the various monetary authorities. Therefore, the correct approach to forex trading can be summarized basically that of working, but technically entering and leaving.

The beliefs that people want to do trading in order to use the basic data should choose a longer period of time, for days or even weekly. Traders who want to do instead of short-term trading, using the hourly charts, for example, should instead focus on configuration and the decisions on strictly technical. This way of thinking is actually wrong. Not only can you make scalping using fundamental analysis, but who does it actually has a significant advantage over the larger market players when it comes to easy guide their positions.

One aspect of the foreign exchange market is that transactions outside the influence of macroeconomic news may be more risky than those without considering the ‘fundamental analysis, as in this case we have a general idea of how it could move the market. The various economic data, such as the latest employment statistics, the growth rates of GDP, the trade balance reports, inflation readings and announcements of interest rates, which are typically released every month and that can be expected in the various economic calendars are of great importance for those who do trading.

Forex forecast for the week. October 11 – October 15

EURUSD – Background of turn, I spoke about on Thursday is still present, but changed there something on Friday? – Yes, Friday did not reveal evidence to reduce the euro on Thursday and a new week, we can assume that will again set a new high. But caring for the correction is already very close, it should be expected to sell when you receive signals in a short

GBPUSD – Despite the fact that a pound a huge number of analysts and traders doubt because of possible action by the Bank of England, I believe that the pound has great prospects for growth than the euro. Of course, if the dollar begins to strengthen.
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Forex, stock and commodity markets

The first month of serious work behind him. If in the beginning of September, it could be assumed that investors are only beginning to return to the market, approximately the same conclusion I want to do now. And all because the market in September was attended by “summer volume, that is small, if much more, than in the summer, it definitely does not live up to an average September. September showed growth, while quite large, for many it was a big surprise. The U.S. stock market, said that this September was the best for the last 70 years.

Primary news background were rumors of quantitative easing, in his conduct is even more put pressure on the dollar. But in the current situation should be clearly understood the importance of this news, that is, when there will be a large market reaction, while quantitative easing will occur, or in the case if it is not necessary at all? This variant is also possible, first started talking about it today, after a good statement from the U.S. – GDP and claims for unemployment benefits came out better than expected, and today it was possible to observe the strengthening of the dollar in the U.S. session.
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