The culture of effort


In all types of gatherings we see every day a general outcry that coincide in stating the loss of the culture of effort as one of the main problems to be solved to improve our prospects for social development. It is argued in this case with full reason, there has been a certain decline in the motivation of individuals to perform tasks that only be rewarded after a long period of time. Understanding why this effect occurs in today’s society we will make appropriate proposals to begin to reverse the situation:
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Argentina must change the productive matrix and make based on science and technology. (As it’s trying to do)

This basic research should be done with genuine resources and not depend on anyone.

The government must implement economic policies of the State, durable and credible, which are maintained by successive governments in the future.

Agribusiness, Steel, petrochemical and metal mechanics, are the sectors with greatest potential for growth and they should target the creation of technology.

Every technological process, accompanied mainly by an effective quality management at all levels and sectors of the economy, both public and private sector, enhance and ensure the chances of finding the path of development that our country deserves to be a privileged nation in terms of natural and human resources.
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