About Rights

We know very little about life, and therefore tend only guess … And guess might be different … Take the same genes – in fact they recorded virtually all information about a person – from what it would be before he gets in his old age … Moreover, – Mind and other garbage – that, too – without any evidence. After all, man can not control almost anything from your body – NOTHING. Starting from the simplest – such as give orders to speed up hair growth or increase the rate of digestion and finishing order of the body, for example – to grow a leg to replace the lost … NOTHING. The body lives by its own laws – itself supplies the air, require and digesting food (Producing it with nutrients), fights with microbes, heals wounds, toxins, etc.
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Do what you want and others…that …pops

It’s insulting and arrogant expression that seem to scream young and not so young, who in gangs and led by their noisy, annoying motorcycles – if not with cars – do reckless and dangerous stunts, taking by assault the avenues of the city, putting risk their lives and that of bystanders who have nothing to do with the folly of these misfits, especially on Sundays in the afternoon.

It is intolerable arrogance with which the “rabble” in the name of freedom ruthlessly attacking the right of others. Where are the authorities who, in front of any microphone or camera, they talk about freedom and democracy, while, by omission or inaction we are increasingly sinking into disgrace, by not applying the law to offenders? How is it possible that these offenders do what they want without being importuned minimally?
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Culture or business

I would like before going to clarify some concepts which I understand is not very clear.

It appears that you are confusing culture with entertainment and some ministries are promoting foster confusion especially for private corporate interests against the interests of all citizens.

Public money is being spent on campaigns against piracy trying to criminalize P2P programs like the cause of a problem that has nothing to do with reality.
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On the civil desobiediencia

gandhi_negroPeople sometimes have the feeling that life takes your fancy and we have little say. We have too internalized a speech which for centuries have passed sooner or later thinkers. The discourse on free will and necessity. I will not go into it now, but there it is for reflection as part of this article. Our society has led us to not resist anything that ends up destroying the power of decision and our own freedom. Until one day, at best, one realizes that too many times to sell his life to the highest bidder will be thinking that almost unbreakable security to its existence. Society is the emotional deprivation and fear. Needless to say, that begins to impose reality, many have realized the blunder committed for too long.
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“Pick-up racism?


These days it is presenting the book “An Essay on the violence: In the human frontiers.” Its author, Eloy Cuadra, knows the difficulties of the immigrants who make the great journey from Mauritania to the Canary Islands. For 5 years he was patrolling the coasts. Since then dedicated his life to defending the civil rights of immigrants.
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The party of the poor

poor-partyTwo popular leaders of the PP, high scream that the PP is the party that defends and protects the poor. They are the first to “lead by example.

One is the “good pay” as it is called: “The good pay ” takes on several salaries: the Senate, the PP and an allocation from the Ministry of Justice totaling EUR 118 859 per year, according to the declaration of assets filed this year to the Cortes of Castile-La Ma NCHA. In addition, a supplement charge the Chamber of 13371.26 euros and another EUR 27608.84 Senate. addition to payments for conferences and financial returns, income in 2008 was EUR 165,651.65. no known liabilities. ”
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Types of violence

Considering utility, took part of the letter of Bartolomé Sorge, Doctor of Divinity, to reflect on the distressing issue of violence. It always has taken a tragic reality in human history. But be content with only knowing this fact and do nothing to address it, is as bad as the same evil.

The most striking novelty is that violence has become an instrument of electoral struggle and often “justified” when carried out for political reasons. And nothing is said when people who steal and kill, once arrested, are declared “political persecution” sought to ennoble the crime, leading it towards a “politically motivated.”
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What the government hiding?


We know we are not told the truth. Never. We also know that they always have “resources stored, in case of need. Large numbers of reports, which analyze the economic forecasts, political, labor, national trends in relation to global. Hundreds of senior officials who, some with the desire to serve the citizens and others for the purpose of the aspirations of a public office that will perpetuate the State machinery, but all management programs by government, the country both in times of crisis as in the boom.
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Cuba are those who support the revolution.

cubaIt’s inexcusable that private companies can not freely access the natural resources of any country s u own benefit. As this happens in Cuba, the world’s media ownership of big business have sparked an ongoing media campaign against him.

Almost every day we read, see and hear in the mass media news on Cuba where the Cuban government is presented as dictatorial and authoritarian. But this campaign has shown weakness in its continuity. It is impossible to attack almost every day the government of the Caribbean island without making mistakes.
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Equality in a Time of Crisis conference 2010,Dublin, Ireland

Conference date:6 to 7 May 2010

Conference Venue:UCD Quinn School of Business, Belfield campus, University College Dublin

Conference country:Ireland

Conference theme:This conference brings together academics, activists and social commentators to analyze current inequalities and imagine a socially just society. The ideas are presented over two days through a lively mix of keynote lectures, invited respondents and panel discussions.
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