USD-CHF forex analysis for the week of March 19 to 23

The last week, we wrote, “Slightly below 0.9180 to 0.9020 seller and buyer above 0.9180 to 0.9220 and 0.9280/9320.” And finally, the USD-CHF is the highest income of 0.9330/20 to leave then down and finish the week at 0.9152.

For some time, as in other parities, we remain in a range between 8980/70 and 0.95. It seems that for now it suits many people in so far as it provides some stability for the course.

For us, this constancy, we also arrange for the best is yet to play the points of support and resistance and wait for it to go on the objectives. Nevertheless, it is certain that this situation can not continue forever and it will come out.
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Technical analysis and forex forecasts GBP-USD for the week of March 12 to 16

The last week has, we wrote “we buy over 578,070 and it sells below to return to 5720/5670” and as the Eurodollar, we were treated to a roller coaster with a week in early 5720 for a higher on 5820/30 and end the week with good numbers that brought US parity on the lower ranks 4h namely, on 5720/5680 for closure by 5678.

The history of Greece for the time being stored in the closet, financial markets should breathe a bit and parity as well. However, the remaining articles in the press about a possible confrontation between Israel and Iran as well as good economic figures that support the dollar against the Pound Sterling.
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You is not part of Statistics

Dear Friends:

When one is researching and reading various authors set about trading is impossible not to be identified with some students who manage to give at the vein with its postulates and ideas. Something has happened to me when I started reading Mark Douglas, Alexander Elder and I am well known with some conclusions and international speaker trader Alpesh B. Pastel. For those not familiar with Dr. Patel is one of the best known financial commentators in the UK founder . In addition to writing nine books on trading (some of them record sales on and eBay), is a regular columnist for the Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNN, Sky Business News, CNBC, and other financial resources.
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What the government hiding?


We know we are not told the truth. Never. We also know that they always have “resources stored, in case of need. Large numbers of reports, which analyze the economic forecasts, political, labor, national trends in relation to global. Hundreds of senior officials who, some with the desire to serve the citizens and others for the purpose of the aspirations of a public office that will perpetuate the State machinery, but all management programs by government, the country both in times of crisis as in the boom.
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