The importance of exit points in the Forex, Part 2

In most of our trading systems our goal is to maximize the size of the profits on every open position, so as not to simply take a small profit every time you see it. This goal means that you need to implement a proper exit strategy that can protect some of the small profit that is being achieved, allowing the position to have the opportunity to let us have a much bigger profit.

If the position is in our favor, the precise definition of exit points will make it much easier for making profits. One thing to remember is that you must leave room for some minor daily fluctuations. To facilitate our goal of maximizing profit in any position, in some cases you may want to move the exit point farther away to avoid the position can be stopped prematurely.
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Technical analysis of forex market Sept 15,2011

Rumors and sound bites have weakened the euro against the dollar yesterday was such that to reassure the markets, there has been talk of a meeting Sarkozy / Merkel. The effect was immediate as the euro is resumed and the stock market. However, nothing has changed and Greece is still virtually bankrupt. Our board of the morning we returned to the lows of yesterday before our area rebound 3580/70. As long as we stay in- Above these points, we can keep the strategy yesterday. Namely a return to 3680 and 3720. We sell these items as appropriate. On the upside, we must be careful because the MACD is bearish 30 mins and 4 hours even if the bull is a passage in 3570 could return us to test the levels of Monday morning, 3520/10. Similarly, it should be wary of English numbers 10:30 that they do not concern the euro, would still affect the parity.
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How to use the lines of trading

The trend lines are the most powerful technical analysis tools that can be used. They allow you to assess trends and their direction, to identify potential reversal levels and to evaluate where to enter the market with a low risk and high yield. It ‘so important to understand how to use forex trend lines.

These lines are basically a level of support or resistance. There is talk of dynamic lines, unlike the static, advancing and change with time. The trend line can thus be a trend upward or downward.

There are two ways to use trend lines in their trading. The first is to consider that the trend lines are a support or resistance, which is a psychological barrier that the price does not break easily. Traders expect the price touches one of these lines and to begin a reversal.
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Trading strategy for those who work part-time – part 4

Assuming that you can not do business for a whole hour or on a regular basis during the day, it is always possible to trade the forex market. Because you can not keep an eye on the market during the day, there are strategies that can be performed in order to be successful in forex, even in a part-time.

After studying the market and choosing a particular currency pair, you can open positions and keep them for a longer period of time. It ‘important to understand the movements of the currency pair chosen. Another wise strategy is to put the stop-loss orders to all transactions, in order to limit losses if the market were to move against you.

Instead of looking at charts or even hours to four hours, you should also look at trends for a day or a week. This will allow you to trade even looking at the computer only once a day. Set limits, the stop-loss orders, or entry or exit, so do not miss the opportunity to enter or exit the positions.
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Trading strategy for those who work part time, part 2

In the last article we saw how important it is for those who work part time in the currency market, to trade with a specific strategy. Assuming you work from nine to five, you can do trading before or after work. The best strategy for trading in one of two blocks of time is to choose the most active currency pairs at the time. Learn about the currency markets are open during those hours you will be of great help in choosing the major currency pairs on which to trade.
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Trading strategy for those who work part time

Very few people can do forex full time. Often traders carry out their tasks at work, at lunch or dinner. The problem with the currency market is that it is a very volatile market to trade sporadically, a few hours a day, you lose very many occasions. This may also lead to a complete loss of your funds if you open a position and then, for any reason, you can not control more (though to avoid these problems always recommended to use the stop loss). Missed opportunities can lead to a loss really a part-time trader.

However, there are strategies that can work even for those who can only work part time. For example, those that are trading at night may operate primarily on the currency pairs whose fellowships are open at night in Italy, such as those in Asia. Here, then, that we should implement a specific trading strategy of the pairs is most active during the night hours.
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Forex Reviews

In the last session, Standard & Poor’s under long-term sovereign rating to CCC, also held the prospect of long-term rating to negative and confirm that the short-term sovereign rating of Greece under a C. The concern of the problems in the euro area again alarmed the market. Non-dollar currencies still have a chance after negative weekly statistics of the U.S. economy. The rising price of gasoline decreased consumption of Americans and caused a drop in new car sales. Retail sales could fall in eleven months.

From the graph EUR / USD yesterday, EUR short line touched the bottom and bounced, broke even point of 1.44, which was the last before the downtrend. According to Dow Theory , the fall in the short end of the Euro has done periodically. The MA system is turned around and stood up, the rate MACD crossed the zero axis. All this shows that the trend of retreat of the euro in the short is not over yet. . It is estimated that the short line of EUR / USD would go up high all day, and have a fall when they meet resistance in the up position.
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Weekly technical analysis of EUR – USD June 13-17

Last week, we wrote, “In case the market waits, the consolidation could take place between 4480/4520 and 4620/80. Also, it should be playing these points with stoploss down in 4470 and 4695/4705 “and finally on Thursday after- afternoon after a disappointing market and the euro started to fall again to finish on Friday night in 4346.

In July, the ECB is expected to increase this rate and this perspective should normally support the euro. But on the other side of Greece is still relevant and if we could think of last week that everything was settled, it still has nothing and we are always under the threat of an event that could weaken the euro.

The daily MACD is still bullish, the return current bear has weakened the rise. And also if the euro fails to keep himself top of 4320 while return on the former and 1.40 points rebound 3980/70 of 23 May will be our next goals.
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The Gross Domestic Product, how to use it in trading – part 2

The value of U.S. GDP is issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in both real and nominal terms. The difference between the two is that the first value is correct then the effects of inflation. The BEA also releases its index of prices of GDP, is used in competition with the index of consumer prices that the personal consumption deflator as an indicator of inflation.

Like any other important economic data, the ratio of gross domestic product has a lot of weight for traders. If growth in the economy that is productive, while if it falls indicates a contraction. As a result, traders tend to look for higher rates of growth of GDP or of the strong signals that the GDP will move uphill.
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How to enter the market with the ADX indicator

We have seen in the last article the ‘ADX indicator, saying it is a good indicator that gives us an idea of where the trend is going. But beyond that, the ADX also gives us the signals to buy and sell.

If the + DI line is moving upward, when the + DI crosses – A bottom-up, this indicates a reversal of the uptrend, then you could open long positions and close short positions.

If the line – DI takes a downward motion, or when the line – Progress under the + DI line, then we have an indication of a reversal of the downward trend, then you can open and close short positions long positions .
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