Philosophy of my trade trading

My Trade said that if 1000 traders are on the shortlist, and 100 in Long, the market is growing. First, the facts are not enough, traders may be a different size of the position, I think, with me will not argue if I say that the position size is important? But let’s assume that the size of the position of all the same. Anyway this is madness, the price depends solely on supply and demand at the moment. That is, no matter how many people are sitting in shorts, but how much holding long positions, when they made their deal, only if they were working on the market. Price increases or decreases in time only due to the fact that the market is dominated more willing to buy or sell.
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What is the confluence of Fibonacci?

What is the confluence of Fibonacci? Forex currencies often move in a measured way. A strong and sustained move towards a certain direction, in general, covers a percentage of its movement before we can continue to see an even higher.

Forex traders use the Fibonacci tool to trace and delineate these movements. The reports include those that are more common at an altitude of 23.6%, 38.2% and 61.8%. The level at an altitude of 50% is also very common, since it is the halfway point of a given movement, but does not fall within the levels of the Fibonacci sequence.

Traders then use these levels to predict groped for the extension of a pullback.

There is also talk of detente and Fibonacci tools that are very popular and are used when a given currency pair moves beyond the level of 100% of the previous wave. The main points are Fibonacci extension 1.618 and 1.272.
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Metatrader Expert Advisor, the benefits

We started in the last article to talk about Metatrader Expert Advisor, trying to understand what is and how you can use in their favor.

And ‘know that the foreign exchange market is very dynamic and volatile, so Metatrader Expert Advisor can be used to practice negotiation. This automated trading system is able to recognize the conditions of the market and adapt to the changes accordingly.

Where can I get a Metatrader Expert Advisor? There are several systems forex internet that allow you to take advantage of the MetaTrader Expert Advisor able to recognize the market conditions, as a tendency, range, volatility, volume and many other factors, to analyze the changes and adapt to them.
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The pivot point and the opening of markets

The pivot points are levels of support and resistance that are used by traders. In the calculation of these levels is necessary to know the prices of opening, high, low and close of the previous day. We should not store the formula to calculate these levels, since you can simply use a pivot point calculator, where you input the values ​​that are collected from the chart to recalculate the levels automatically.

Typically in the forex market the initial fracture occurs at the opening of the market. There are three openings of markets that should be considered: opening of the Asian market, which occurs at 00:00 GMT, opening the EU market, which occurs at 08:00 GMT and the opening of the market USA, which has until 13:00 GMT.
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Chaikin Money Flow Indicator

Chaikin Money Flow indicator (CMF) was developed by Marc Chaikin to measure the flow volume during a given period. The volume flow (Money Flow Volume) is the basis of Accumulation / Distribution Line . The Accumulation / Distribution Line was used Money Flow Volume cumulatively, Chaikin Money Flow instead simply add the Money Flow Volume for a certain period (20-21 session is the period used). The result is an oscillating indicator that fluctuates around zero as a core value. The basic use of the CMF is to take the value of the indicator as a measure of balance between buyers / sellers. You can also use the crossing of the CMF and the zero level to identify changes in cash flow.

Calculation of the Chaikin Money Flow

The CMF is calculated in 3 steps. First calculate the Money Flow Multiplier for each session. Second, multiply the volume of each session by the Money Flow Multiplier (with this you get the Money Flow Volume). Third Money Flow adds the volume for each session and divided by the total number of sessions:
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You can learn to trade

And ‘the trader can learn to do? Improve their performance as a trader is something that involves the development of skills for this purpose. Since it is difficult to know where to start, without a good help, let’s go and see if and how you can learn to be traders and how we can improve.

Learn how to make trading the foreign exchange market is not a matter of finding the ideal indicator. The negotiation is done rather than relying on a series of performance, not unlike the game of chess or football. This means that the exchange is made up of skills that must be practiced and refined over time. No psychological self-help seminar and no trading can replace the experience that builds up spending hours in front of the screen to look at charts, and groped to understand in which way the trend is moving.
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The 4 most common mistakes in the use of Fibonacci retracements

The Fibonacci retracements are one of the most used tools, so much so that there may be indicators that a trader does not get to ever use, but surely at some point use Fibonacci retracements. It is therefore very important that when use is made correctly, but is used rarely.

Already there is much documentation on the use of Fibonacci what this article I will focus on how not to use hoping that knowing the errors discussed, the reader-trader is able to avoid them and improve the use of Fibonacci retracements.
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Aroon – Sample definition, calculation and use

The Aroon indicator is a system that determines if the asset being analyzed is trending or not and how strong is this tendency. Aroon was developed by Tushar Chande in 1995. The aim of this indicator is showing a new trend since its inception. It consists of two lines and Aroon Aroon-Up-Down. The Aroon-Up measures the number of periods since the price peaked at x days ago, where x is the number of days specified in the indicator calculation. Similarly, the Aroon Down-measures the number of periods since the price peaked at least x days ago.

For example, Aroon-Up to 15 days show the number of days since the last peak was reached in the last 15 days. Due to the concept used, the Aroon indicator is unique and different from other momentum oscillators. While the typical momentum indicators are focused on price action with respect to time, Aroon focuses on time for price.
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Technical indicators, some mistakes to avoid

Many c ommercianti forex use technical indicators to get some help in making trading decisions, on the whole are very effective tools. However, there are a couple of mistakes which many forex traders do, we see how to avoid them.

The first error is that many traders simply use too many indicators. This is a very common mistake and comes from the fact that many people believe that more indicators are used and may have more success because it will generate better trading signals.

This seems like a good plan, but unfortunately the end result is that too many indicators merely create confusion. More indicators are used, the greater the likelihood that some of them give conflicting signals. Therefore, rather than to confirm potential trends give rise to doubts.
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Trading Strategy: Making scalping to 30 minute

The components of this strategy scalping to 30 minutes can be applied to almost all the different timeframe. Of course, if you use the strategy with another period of time necessary to make the right adjustments to the levels of stop loss and profit targets.

This strategy of trading takes place approximately 2 to 4 times in a period of 24 hours for major currency pairs. Of course, if you change your time frame will also change the time in which you can use this strategy.

When you choose to look at a different time period you have to do some tests to determine the level of comfort with profit targets and stop loss. Each of us prefer to use a different type of stop loss and that can change the outcome of this strategy.
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