To trade on the crossover of moving averages of the stochastic

When using the stochastic slow in the Forex, a great sell signal is that which results when the two moving averages comprising the indicator moving from a value that is above 80 and then moving to below this value.

When using the slow stochastic in an uptrend, a buy signal is instead given by the optimal moment in which the two moving averages that make up the indicator decreased from a value less than 20 to a higher one than this value.

Since the signals mentioned above are of optimal signals, usually does not lend itself as much attention to the various crossover that occur at levels that are comprised between 20 and 80. How should we react to these levels? Are certainly valid signals pter to open a position, while not providing a revenue potential and a certainty as great as levels 20 and 80.
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Philosophy of my trade trading

My Trade said that if 1000 traders are on the shortlist, and 100 in Long, the market is growing. First, the facts are not enough, traders may be a different size of the position, I think, with me will not argue if I say that the position size is important? But let’s assume that the size of the position of all the same. Anyway this is madness, the price depends solely on supply and demand at the moment. That is, no matter how many people are sitting in shorts, but how much holding long positions, when they made their deal, only if they were working on the market. Price increases or decreases in time only due to the fact that the market is dominated more willing to buy or sell.
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How to trade forex?

To be able to trade in the currency market you need to open an account with an online broker. There are many brokers to choose from, with different characteristics. Once you sign up, all you need to do is pay money into your forex account and start trading. The transfer of money in the account can be made via PayPal, bank transfer and many other options.

It ‘a matter of minutes before you start trading. But be careful because all your money can disappear in a short time, the forex is risky. That’s why the demo accounts are useful. Most trading platforms allow you to open a demo account with which you can trade with virtual money but using the information and data in real time.
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Greatly increasing oil

On the oil market today, we have exactly what one would expect, when oil traded above $ 97 per barrel mark Brent. That’s when I started to say that almost nothing can prevent the break level 100 and go higher. And if you leave already above, the level of 105 does not restrict. Everything is exactly what happened. The Russian stock market should be located in the euphoria of those days. Today, oil rose $ 5, which has tremendous growth as the fundamental factors and previously identified technical prerequisites for the breakthrough.
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Analysis of the Currency on February 17


Our charts show that for the day today we might consider opening a location in buying if the exchange rate between euro and dollar were to break 1.3595 on the upside of the share, setting a first target value of 1.3610 and as the second objective value of 1.3630. On the contrary, if the price were to fall below the break of 1.3445 share, we open a position in sales by setting the first target at an altitude of 1.3420 and 1.3410 share for the second goal.

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Forex Technical Analysis of the Euro against dollar feb 14-18

Hello, we are on Monday 14 and I offer an analysis of the euro-forex dollar valid for the week of February 14 to 18.

Last week we’ll put you on hold on the fact that the euro had climbed to 1.38 on rumors of a possible rate hike that Mr. Trichet has denied. We were in 3580 and seller-buyer above and we finished on 3845 after returning to one of our goals to 3520.

The week ahead will be poor in statistics except Tuesday, February 15 with the ZEW German and European GDP. The ZEW economic statistics is the week. A good number would have an energizing effect on the euro, on the contrary, a disappointment, bring it down. The rest of the week will be quiet.
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When resting RBC – need to work

Well, the new 2011 year has already started, first of all, I congratulate all of this a regular event! No matter how corny, but I wish you all to this year’s slightly better than the last.

To rest a long time – it’s bad. Therefore, 3 January and I was again ready for use. Who among analysts today still rests, RBC TV, including – lose a lot. Firstly, I would be one of the first traders and analysts that a forecast in 2011, and secondly, the market is, what to observe and note the interesting news.

So, January 3 – trade leads! This in itself is good. Saw in the currency market, of course, not ends. However, relaxed foreign exchange market on Monday may be called into more an exception than a confirmation of resting trends in the financial markets today. If you look at the same U.S. stock market, the situation is radically opposite. DJIA index from the opening show strong growth, and has already traveled more than 100 points in a few hours after the opening of the U.S. session.
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How to trade on the news

To trade on the news implies knowledge of economic indicators and how they influence the market. The basic tool for any Forex trader is the economic calendar, which lists the financial data in this regard. Here are some guidelines that may be useful for beginners to start trading on the news.

Although to trade on fundamental analysis is a very interesting thing, it’s quite challenging. First of all, we must face the dilemma of managing money: where to put the stop?

The second challenge is that you should be able to “predict” the direction of the market after the distribution of a press release and set a limit of expectation and order, before the press release. In this way you will have opportunity to actually enter the position at the price specified.
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Some tips to find the right broker

A Forex broker is an intermediary that helps people to enter and work in the forex market. The relationship between the investor and the broker is in relation to the positions and operations are made by the trader on the foreign exchange market. Let’s see some important tips when choosing a broker.

One of the most significant things you have to remember every time you are looking for a broker is that you must choose your time. Since it is not possible to intervene and act directly on the market, the broker is a key part of the success of their investment.

One thing you should look for when searching for a Forex broker is that it is easy to contact. This is something a bit ‘difficult in a time when we tend to do everything by email. Although talk via email is certainly one option, to be able to pick up the phone, and anytime you want, talk with the assistance of a broker, is a very important thing and that makes the difference.
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Its Not A Profit Until You Exit The Trade part 2

Step Two: The next step is to watch our stock on a daily basis and continue to extend our trend line as the stock moves higher. While extending the trend line we do not want to change the angle of which the line is progressing. If the stock begins to break through our line we would proceed to step three.

Step Three: You will notice on the chart shown below that our stocks momentum is beginning to slow and its daily bars are beginning to break through our trend line. It may help to envision the first part of the stocks move as a golfer teeing off, the stock shot off the tee and was moving upward and outward with increasing momentum. Now you will notice that the stock like the golf ball is beginning to slow, and once the momentum is lost will more than likely begin to fall back to earth.
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