EURUSD trying to break the 61.8%

The EURUSD pair finally broke no minimum 1.4014 we discussed in our last report which was invalidated by the possible entry that comment. Price then made a pattern of exhaustion taking the first sign of a possible long entry that was confirmed by breaking the previous high. A good point to close or make partial profit taking was in the double zero of 1.4200 which coincided with 61.8%. We must always control our risk we take in every position, so go Stop resetting each time the price is what allows us more accountable.

During yesterday’s session the price formed a double bottom at that place the stop below said support would be the next step and ensure the benefits go.
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Weekly Technical analysis of EUR-USD May 23-27

Last week, we wrote, “We sell in 4250/80 and is bought for an attempted rebound 3980/50” and the euro on Monday morning went back to 4030 to 4340 and end on Friday night 4155.

The remarks by Ms. Christine Lagarde on Greece have renewed concerns about debt Greek and it seems that we are moving gradually towards a restructuring of that it, or worse the failure of a state, insofar as the country will find itself despite the money spent unable to repay money loaned.

We can realize that the policies are sound bites there to prepare the market for this eventuality and in addition, the rating agency Fitch has again worsened the debt rating of the country.
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Weekly forex technical analysis EUR- USD May 09 – 13,2011

Last week, we wrote, “is sold in 4880 for 4680/50 with purchase of materials for 4880 and may be 1.50. If our strategy to sell in 4880 was good for at least 4680/50, it is certain that we did not anticipate that Mr. Trichet’s remarks after his press conference would push the euro to us on 4310, Friday after being on 4930.

The discontinuation of the rate hike was expected in June and July has caused great confusion among analysts and rumors about a possible exit from Greece to the euro, it significantly weakens the currency. More unemployment to 9% caused a feeling of doubt about the U.S. recovery and he has followed a mini crash in commodities.

So obviously, the daily MACD has undergone down and gave us a bearish signal on Thursday after- noon. But nevertheless, the question is whether this decline will continue or it is after all a movement mood making profits after months of rising?
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Technical Analysis of USD-JPY

Good morning to all readers, here are the behavior of the USD / JPY so far, and some brief suggestions to market investors forex .

On this day, the market forex Japan is closed.

Technically, the chart for 4 hours, we see that the resistance is at the blue line down. In Tuesday’s session, the couple moved south after breaking on the same line, without going to the support of 80.78. Currently, the couple is still fluctuating around the blue line down. We advise investors pay attention to key support at 80.43.
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Technical Analysis USD / JPY

Good morning to all readers, here are the behavior of the USD / JPY so far, and some brief comments to investors forex market .

In Tuesday’s session due to the release of U.S. retail sales and first-quarter financial report of listed companies in the U.S., the USD-JPY fell below 84.00

Technically, the charts of 4 hours, the pair with the same trend continued yesterday, gradually begins to rise after reaching 84.53. On this day we can pay attention to the support of 84.38.
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The USD- JPY Forecast January 2011

In December 2010, we wrote “Our feeling, even if the yen retraced his lowest 81.20/80.50 79.80 or see in the worst case, it would revert to the purchase for moderately goals during the 85/90 ‘ year 2011 “and eventually it just gives us what the Yen this year end. We have long stuck on 84.20 and each day I’ve warned about this resistance and we ended the year on lower.

This last week of December the Japanese authorities have cautioned the market like what they could intervene if the yen continued to slide. But to what effect? Because China and the United States do not care.
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Analysis of the Currency on December 30


For today’s trading session for this report currency we may consider opening a new location in buying if the exchange rate between euro and dollar were to break the resistance of 1.3280 on the upside, first setting a target share 1.3300 and how to share 1.3320 second goal. If the price of this exchange ratio would fall below the break of 1.3080 share, we could open a new short position by setting a first target 1.3060 share and 1.3050 share as a second goal.
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Forecast for the week. May 3 – May 7

EURUSD – Candle last week of April showed a good shade down, which gives some background on the development of correction, but do not exclude the possibility retesta 1.32-1.33
GBPUSD – Pound ready to move somewhere, whether it is purposeful movement, or a hike up in order to fend off 1.5650, while quite difficult to say
USDJPY – There is a rising trend. Tech will purchase at the breakdown of the maximum of 94.67, upward movement is still in effect.
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